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We develop next level marketing solutions. Our online platform makes it possible to create, manage and order marketing communication materials for you and your organization.


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Next Marketing Suite

The Next Marketing Suite makes creation and buying of marketing materials simple and manageable. Through a branded platform, users have access to corporate identity and promotional materials, with the option to personalise, order and download: a central marketing environment for online and offline marketing.


About our suites


“The Next Marketing Suite enables me to do what I enjoy most as a marketer: coming up with and creating new marketing initiatives.”


Better consistency

  • Monitoring corporate identity, marketing is in control
  • The entire organization uses the same logos, fonts and images
  • All brand communication via one platform

More efficiency

  • Marketers have time again for creativity and new initiatives
  • Accessible 24/7, so not dependent on opening hours
  • Less DTP costs with online editing of marketing materials

Inspire & create

  • Sharing ideas, initiatives and successes
  • Personalization of marketing communications by the user
  • Head office is in control, with freedom for the user