Creating to perform

We are Next Marketing Solutions. A young and ambitious business partner with years of experience in the field of online marketing applications and e-commerce.


We work on the constant further development of our software, so that it meets the needs of the market.


With our online platform we make it possible for all organizations to create, purchase, download or offer personalized marketing materials to internal users.


Centrally controlled, used locally.

Our professionals are UX designers, software developers, marketers, account managers, talent managers and service & support employees.


We work in teams that apply agile methodologies such as scrum to ensure high productivity and sustainable development.


Wij zijn onderdeel van Sparkles en Kampert-Nauta – House of Grafimedia – en daarmee onderdeel van Royal Printing Group Em. de Jong, één van de grootste spelers op de Europese markt voor (retail) print.



“I now have the time and room for creativity
and long-term management.”

Core values


Customers are partners for us, we strive for mutual relationships.                                                                        


We provide software that lets users do what they do best.                                                   


Together we form a winning team through innovativeness, agility and strategic decisions.

Let's work together!

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There are currently no vacancies. Open applications are welcome. Mail or call us.


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Marketing blog

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