Our modules help you to get the most of the Next Marketing Suite!


Display Advertising

With the use of online communication you can reach a large group of people quickly and in a targeted manner. This communication is even more successful if you use it locally. Our Display Advertising module gives you and your users the ability to purchase an online advertising campaign and target it locally. As a marketing department, you determine the content that users are allowed to post. This content, that can be personalized by the user, appears via banners on predetermined online channels.


In today's marketing landscape, management information is indispensable. We make important decisions based on quantitative data, and this data gives marketers the opportunity to determine and adjust targeted policy. The Marketing Suite meets this need. With Reporting we provide dashboards with which you can analyze all relevant management information from the Marketing Suite. Think of insights into the success of content, financial figures, ordering behavior and search behavior of users.

Campaign manager

Planning and coordinating, for example, an opening campaign is a complex job. We set up the Campaign Manager on the basis of an x-scheme. The Campaign Manager converts the entire action plan into a clear timeline. The user will receive notifications when he has to perform the next action from the timeline. With the progress bar, the Campaign Manager shows the progress of the campaign. The Campaign Manager saves time and money and gives the user the opportunity to set it up at times that suit him.

Shop DNA

Differentiation in marketing campaigns plays an increasingly prominent role in many organizations. With Shop DNA we divide stores into dynamic user groups. We do this on the basis of, for example, assortment, size of the store or region. Shop DNA gives you as a marketer a dashboard containing the soul of your organization and the possibility to implement differentiation in marketing and to tailor the campaigns/ promotions/ numbers more specifically to groups of stores or even store specific.

Production XML

Compiling a distribution list takes a lot of time and is prone to errors. You don't want to forget a store or deliver too few materials. With Production XML you create a distribution list via the same import that you use to create the POS materials. The Retail Suite generates an XML based on the data. This XML is a complete instruction for production, including quantities and addresses. Production XML gives you real-time control over the briefing and ensures fast generation of the distribution list. We send the XML to our own printing presses or connect to another printing company, which we will look at the possibilities on a project basis.

POS Profile

Most POS packages are produced in bulk and are the same for all stores. This results in wasted paper and/or a shortage of materials. How nice is the delivery of a POS package that is tailored to the situation of the store? By defining a store profile, we give you the opportunity to determine the quantities per store and per paper format. The module goes one step further with pluses and minuses. Shops then determine the numbers per promotion themselves. This results in custom made POS packages and even less waste of paper.


It is not always possible to make a correct estimate in advance for which promotions you want POS material to be made and how much. How come you should have sent more prize cards? Or that you think up an ad hoc action and this can no longer be included in the production of the package. With Retaildocs you prepare the POS materials created via the application as digital files for the stores. This gives you the opportunity to respond to the marketing needs of stores at the last minute. With Retaildocs, the stores can easily scale up the communication around a promotion and download and print in store.

Theme Materials

Adding themed materials is a complicated and time consuming process. How do you determine the right numbers per store? How do you provide a clear and complete letter to a supplier? Theme Materials automatically generates a production and pick list per store based on Shop DNA. In Shop DNA, for example, we define the number of click frames or square meters of floor space per shop. Based on these, the numbers to be produced are calculated. With Theme Materials you save a lot of research and reduce the risks of producing too little. Based on Shop DNA, you also send the theme materials based on the needs per stores.